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Compressor Stations Superintendent

Direct and coordinate activities of systems of compressor stations.

What does a Compressor Stations Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates operational and maintenance activities of system of compressor stations, located at transmission terminals and at intermittent points along pipeline, to boost pressure in pipeline and expedite transmission of natural gas to distribution points: Directs preparation of operation, safety, and maintenance manuals for compressor stations. Directs and coordinates, through COMPRESSOR-STATION ENGINEER, CHIEF, activities of personnel to ensure adjustments of gas pressures for transmission are performed safely and in accordance with prescribed procedures. Selects, and directs training of, supervisory personnel for compressor stations. Develops plans for additional stations, as required, and recommends design of station structures and types of machinery, such as compressors, driving engines, generators, and auxiliary equipment to engineering personnel. Directs and coordinates activities, such as testing of new or repaired machinery, and maintenance and repair of machinery and station structures, to ensure uninterrupted transmission of gas.