Compression Molding Machine Tender

Tend compression-molding machines that mold thermosetting plastics.

What does a Compression Molding Machine Tender do?

Tends compression-molding machines that mold thermosetting plastics into products, such as automobile heater housings, ashtrays, buttons, electronic parts, plastic panels, and dishes: Dumps specified amount of plastic powders or pellets into hopper of machine, or positions pellets or sausage-shaped plastics in mold installed on machine. Starts machine that compresses plastic into mold under heat and pressure, and allows plastic to set for specified time. Removes product from mold and cleans mold, hopper, and bed of machine, using airhose and handtools. May place plastics material on hot grid or in oven to soften it prior to molding. May weigh prescribed amount of material for molding. May place plastic sheet into machine fixture to fabricate buttons.