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Put animation and real film footage together to make one amazing movie.

What does a Compositor do?

A Compositor combines multiple elements into a single image. This skill is in great demand in industries such as the movie business, where your work helps produce remarkable visual effects. Specifically when there is a need for mixed media, such as drawings done over film footage, or computer graphics interacting with live Actor, you will be the one who layers and interlaces all the different mediums.

The vast majority of compositing is done digitally, and falls under the category of special effects as you are making several distinct images appear as one. A well known instance of compositing is the green screen, where Actors are filmed standing in front of a plain sheet. Compositors then digitally replace the plain background with whatever is needed, be it pictures of a beach or war zone.

You achieve these effects through computer manipulation of images, so you will need to become great friends with a quite a few software programs. A lot of your time will be spent sorting through camera shots to compile the continuous set of angles you want to digitally compile. In projects that incorporate a lot of compositing work, there will be multiple camera and complex installations to provide the Compositor with a wide range of subject and computer graphic options to choose from.

After you compile your desired shots you then collate all of the footage, graphics, and other pieces you choose to form a series of images. These images capture the look and feel of the product you desire in a manner unattainable through a single shot.

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