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Compo Caster

Compound and cast ornamenting putties into designs.

What does a Compo Caster do?

Compounds and casts ornamenting putty into designs and glues designs to picture moldings: Measures glue, resin, linseed oil, and water into separate gluepots and weighs them. Melts glue and resin and combines ingredients into one pot. Inspects mixture to ascertain viscosity and pours it into tube that contains whiting. Stirs, kneads, and shapes putty into loaf. Presses loaf into mold with hand and thumbs. Clamps board over filled mold and places it in press. Pushes button or turns handwheel to activate and release press. Removes casting, trims design, and places it on table to harden. Brushes glue on back of hardened ornament and lays it in place on blank picture molding.