Compliance Investigator

Make sure contracts and rules are followed by all parties involved.

What does a Compliance Investigator do?

In this line of work, people often ask if you have eyes in the back of your head. As a Compliance Investigator, your job is to sniff out fraud or contract violations. Your work can take you to a variety of career fields, but what unites them all is the need for someone like you to sort through records and perform on-site investigations to ensure clients follow their contract terms.

As your job title suggests, you’re all about ensuring compliance. With all the rules and regulations governing businesses, a client may slip up now and then and forget about a specific rule. That’s why you conduct regular investigations to see that everything is running smoothly.

Healthcare and construction are two fields always in need of Compliance Investigators. While health insurance offers thousands of medical treatments that people couldn’t afford otherwise, some try to abuse the system for their own profit. So you check on patient claims to ensure they are accurate. In the construction field, on the other hand, you might check that each Construction Worker and Manager is strictly following building codes, or observing safety regulations.

Virtually any field can hire a Compliance Investigator if the need is great enough. Whether you’re digging through a computer database to review contract information or traveling to various construction sites to see that work is performed as requested, you’re the person who keeps everyone playing by the same rules.