Compliance Analyst

Review documents to make sure your company is following the rules.

What does a Compliance Analyst do?

Companies have rules that employees have to follow. Perhaps the rules require that they wear protective gear, or that they refrain from accepting gifts from vendors. The companies themselves have to follow federal, state, and local government rules. Perhaps they can’t use certain terms in their marketing materials, or must hold certain insurance policies.

Compliance Analysts make sure that both internal and external rules are followed by the organization they work for. As a Compliance Analyst, you work within your company’s legal department, reviewing the vast majority of documents the company produces, including contracts, and advertising and technical specifications. Your goal is to ensure that they’re in line with local, state, and federal laws. You also create records of your work, and keep those records on file in case your company is audited.

You survey employees frequently to ensure that they know about the company’s internal and external rules, and that they’re following those rules. You may hold training sessions to teach them about the rules, or you may produce written materials for employee handbooks. You must be firm, obviously, but you must also have the ability to inspire workers to act responsibly. In other words, you must be more of a General than a Police Officer.

To be an effective Compliance Analyst, you must know all about your company’s rules as well as the governmental regulations that impact your company. This requires a significant amount of ongoing research.