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Compensation Lawyer



Tackle cases involving wage and benefits disputes.

What does a Compensation Lawyer do?

A Compensation Lawyer specializes in cases that deal with monetary or benefit payments. Most often, this involves an employee who sues a former employer. Common complaints revolve around work injuries, exposure to harmful elements, unfair dismissal, discrimination, or missing wages.

A Compensation Lawyer might work for the company or for the employee. Either way, your job as Compensation Lawyer is to outline the details of the case. If you represent the company, you look for legal support for your case. Was the employee late four times in one month? Did he refuse to wear the mandatory safety equipment?

If you represent the employee, you build your case around the company’s misdeeds. Were the safety harnesses inspected on a regular basis? Did the employer fail to give written warning to your client?

Prevention is a key part of your job. You advise businesses about ways to avoid lawsuits against them. You also help them draw up employment forms and contracts.

These contracts protect the businesses from liability, but also conform to state and federal regulations. For example, does the mileage reimbursement rate meet federal minimums? Does the hourly pay rate work out to at least minimum wage for the state?

As with every area of law, there are thousands of details involved in each case. Your job is to filter through them and apply the most pertinent ones. You correspond with opposing Counsel and the courts, negotiate payout amounts, advise your client throughout the process, and build the best argument possible.

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