Community Worker

Investigate problems of assigned community and of individuals.

What does a Community Worker do?

Investigates problems of assigned community and of individuals disadvantaged because of income, age, or other economic or personal handicaps to determine needs: Seeks out, interviews, and assists persons in need of agency services, under direction of professional staff, or refers persons to specific agencies for service. Visits individuals and families in their homes to explain supportive services and resources available to persons needing special assistance. Speaks before neighborhood groups to establish communication and rapport between persons in community and agency, to publicize supportive services available, and to assist in resolving problems facing community concerning housing, urban renewal, education, welfare, unemployment insurance, and crime prevention. Follows up all contacts and prepares and submits reports of activities. May maintain files and records of work activities to provide access to and retrieval of data. May work for police department for purpose of establishing communication between citizens and police officials to promote understanding of functions, purpose, and goals of police in community and assists in resolution of community problems.