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Community Relations Coordinator



Promote a company through community outreach.

What does a Community Relations Coordinator do?

Businesses are major contributors to communities, fundraisers, local and international campaigns, and other events. But it’s a lot of work to research and respond to myriad donations requests that hit the snail mailbox, email, phone lines, and front office. It’s the job of the community relations coordinator to handle those requests and build a marketing platform for the company.

As a community relations coordinator, you’re not a marketing executive, but your actions help promote the image of the company to the community (or the world). After all, your job is to help people. What could put a company in a better light than that?

But it has to be done in a way that fits with the corporate philosophy. You work with advertising representatives and other members of the media team so that you’re all on the same page. That way when an idea comes your way, your boss knows exactly whether to accept or reject it.

Each opportunity is different, so your job keeps you on your toes. One day you might handle the sponsorship of a local little league team. The next you might organize a corporate blood drive for the American Red Cross. At the same time, you might collect money for United Way, or hold a corporate carnival to benefit cancer research.

Because your face connects the business to the community, you might also promote the company through speeches and interviews.

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