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Community Planner



Creativity solve community space problems to help bring people together.

What does a Community Planner do?

Good communities don’t just appear. They take a lot of work. A Community Planner is the first step in that process. Community Planners plan out ways to better a community’s health, happiness, and general well-being.

If you’re a Community Planner, you do this in a lot of different ways. One day, you might decide where a bike path should go, and the next, you might preserve an old building, or work with career link architects to plan for mix-use homes and businesses.

In this job, it’s necessary to have excellent communication skills because a lot of the work you do involves groups. You work with other planners, city officials, Architects, engineers, community leaders, and even doctors or other health professionals. The purpose for all these meetings is so you can figure out what exactly a community wants or needs.

With this information, you research different options for handling problems, which can range from insufficient park space to pedestrian-unfriendly streets. You look at what other communities have done in the past and what research has shown to be helpful, all the while taking into account things like the town’s budget and building regulations.

Once you’ve created a plan for the town, you present your work to lawmakers, companies, and the public. You make sure that you’re updated on all laws and regulations so you don’t plan something that goes against any rules, like the American Disabilities Act. If your plan is approved, you collaborate with Architects and Builders to get the job done.

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