Community Organization Director

Plan, secure funding for, and implement social services programs.

What does a Community Organization Director do?

Charged with overseeing all aspects of a program, the Community Organization Director wears many hats. But at the most basic level, the Community Organization Director runs a social service program or community outreach organization.

As a Community Organization Director, you use your background in social sciences, business, communications, social work, and accounting to function in an ever-changing work environment. Working with Mayors, Commissioners, and Community Development Directors, you plan, direct, and coordinate all activities of a community-based program.

For example, you oversee a meal program for low-income senior citizens called Lunch Bunch. The Lunch Bunch program provides free meals and companionship for qualified individuals. Calling on the various aspects of your background, you find ways to fund and promote the program. Working with area business leaders, you solicit donations to keep the program afloat.

Once funding is secured, you work with other social services programs to promote awareness of the Lunch Bunch. Now that you have money and participants, you also oversee its daily operations, from staffing to buying supplies.

When budgets are tight and the economy is bad, resources are likely to be scarce. You may be responsible for tracking legislation at both the state and the federal level to determine its impact on your programs. From budget cuts to regulation changes, it’s up to you to know what’s going on and how your program will be affected. Finding creative ways to make the program operate efficiently may be a challenge, but helping others is always a reward.