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Community Liaison



Connect organizations to the people they serve.

What does a Community Liaison do?

A Community Liaison is like a human bridge. Community Liaisons link organizations with the people they serve. They might do this by providing translation for someone who doesn’t speak English, or doing community outreach to improve the organization’s public image.

Schools–from elementary to university level–are one type of organization that employs Community Liaisons. People who don’t speak English, or don’t speak it well, need help understanding the language, so you might explain enrollment forms to parents, translate parent- Teacher conferences, or find tutoring help for students in their own language. In a school, you might also do things like giving presentations for Teachers to explain different types of cultures, or helping market the school to certain ethnic groups. Other forms of outreach might entail tasks like arranging for students to do volunteer projects out in the community, or representing the school during city council meetings.

Translation is also big when working with the government. You could translate forms for the courts, or work on the streets as a Police Officer, translating questions or witnesses’ reports. You might also do outreach like preparing presentations or fliers to explain what different government offices do, and what types of services they can provide for clients. Or you can spend your days out in the community, talking with people to get suggestions, or forming relationships to keep the community safe and more connected.

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