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Community Health Worker



Bring health services to disadvantaged communities.

Salary Range

$38,370 - $64,500

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Community Health Worker do?

A Community Health Worker is a Teacher, adviser, and public outreach expert working with the local health care system to promote wellness and help residents get the medical care they need. Community Health Workers understand the best way to present understandable information to their community. And they offer informal counseling when people have questions about their health.

Because, as Community Health Worker, you’re an advocate for individual and community health needs, you are the free health fair maven. At community-wide events, you provide blood pressure screenings. You know the ins and outs of the local health care system, and can get people in to see a Doctor and back out into the community before medical problems get worse.

You keep your contact list of resources handy because you never know who will need what, when. Acting as a bridge to connect your community with health and social services, you can locate the most convenient resources for, say, a teenager who needs access to prenatal classes. Your work is never done, so you put in long hours but get big personal rewards.

If you’re passionate about helping others, then you’ll find a great deal of job satisfaction working as a Community Health Worker. And if you live or have lived in an underserved community, you understand the health challenges residents face on a daily basis, and can hit the ground running. Now go out and do good work.

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