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Community Engagement Specialist



Open up communication between a company and the community.

What does a Community Engagement Specialist do?

Community Engagement Specialists connect organizations with the public. Your job is very important because organizations are accountable not only to their stakeholders and boards of Directors, but also to the community at large. You work in a world of grassroots community organizing, social media, and corporate social responsibility.

As a Community Engagement Specialist, you typically work either for a corporation or for a nonprofit. In the corporate world, you’re often an Online Community Manager who interacts with your company’s fans, friends, and followers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In that case, it’s your job to author social media content that educates, entertains, and informs consumers, and to maintain a digital dialog with customers via the comments sections of social media websites.

In the nonprofit sector, on the other hand, your job is forming partnerships, raising money, and building goodwill. Part Fundraising Manager and part Community Liaison, you interface with citizens and donors to assess needs and solicit support. You spend your days making contacts in the community, hosting meetings and forums with concerned citizens, developing partnerships with complementary organizations, building rapport with donors and philanthropists, and communicating your organization’s activities and opportunities via newsletters, phone calls, emails, and social networks.

No matter what type of Community Engagement Specialist you are, you’re basically a two-way radio: You’re the line of communication between your employer and the public!

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