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Community Dietitian

Work to help underserved people have a better diet.

What does a Community Dietitian do?

Community Dietitians counsel groups or individuals on healthy eating habits and practices. Working for public health groups like community clinics or not-for-profits, they have a powerful opportunity to change lives. Many Community Dietitians work in outreach programs dealing with disadvantaged groups, each of which faces its own challenges to healthy eating that need to be overcome.

As a Community Dietitian, you research those groups and develop unique plans to help them.

Every day is different. Classes and group trainings for community members (parents, children, etc.) are a staple part of your workload. You may also meet with individuals, or even travel into the homes of citizens too infirm to make it to a classroom.

Working inside people’s homes is a special opportunity to radically transform how those people eat. Cleaning out harmful foods, working on shopping lists, and teaching them basic food preparation techniques all help your clients live healthier, longer lives.

Most Community Dietitians work a 40-hour workweek. The hours may not be distributed evenly, however. Many working parents need the type of training that you offer, but are unavailable during the day. As such, you may have to offer classes in the evenings or on weekends to reach your target populations.

It’s all part of the job, though. The reward of helping people make better decisions that can improve their lives is something that not every job can offer.