Community Center Director

Create programs and publicity for a community center.

What does a Community Center Director do?

A community center can be a large building that provides a wide variety of programs for the community. Or, it can be a small facility that tailors programs to meet the needs of a small group of people. Community Center Directors work in the community center, ensuring that the facility operates efficiently and provides needed services.

If you’re a Community Center Director, you dream of having access to Bankers with unlimited funds for your center. The reality differs significantly from your dreams, though. To generate funds, you hold fundraisers or ask participants to pay fees. Then, you develop a budget to spend that money responsibly.

Large centers may have many staff members who clean, teach, or otherwise work with patrons. As Community Center Director, you’re responsible for hiring these staff members, and you review each employee’s progress on a yearly basis to make sure their performance is up to your high standards. An Accountant helps you calculate each employee’s salary.

Each day, you supervise the happenings at the center. Sometimes, you drop in on classes or lectures. Other times, you walk about the grounds as people play, making sure everyone is having a good time.

Talking to patrons helps you think of new programs to develop for your center. Also, it gives you the chance to listen to complaints that some patrons may have about the services you provide.

Promoting your community center helps you pull in new patrons and enhance your public profile. Sometimes, you run ads about your programs in the local paper or community newsletters. Other times, you go to community meetings to talk about the unique wonders of your center.