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Community Care Coordinator



Organize social services for a community.

What does a Community Care Coordinator do?

A Community Care Coordinator helps to improve a neighborhood’s quality of life by acting as a life raft for residents. Families turn to you when their monthly income falls short and they need food. And seniors rely on you to help them choose the right Medicare supplemental insurance.

You work for a government-sponsored or nonprofit agency as the community’s problem-solver. Using local resources combined with federal and state services, you help a laid-off worker update a resume or find funds to attend technical school. Your resourceful and persuasive nature is what stocks the food bank and brings in the volunteers to fill the distribution bags.

You’ll find plenty of rewards from a career as a Community Care Coordinator. Your encouragement keeps a teenager in school long enough to graduate. An elderly resident is able to live at home instead of a nursing home because you find resources for home health. Though crime, drug abuse, and mental health problems present big obstacles when you’re trying to implement solutions, your focused and fearless determination see you through.

If advocacy excites you, then you’ll find plenty of excitement in this job. An empathetic ear for listening to others and a fearless voice when it’s time to ask for money completes the necessary profile for a Community Care Coordinator. But be prepared for a period of patient trust-building before you can start building that new public playground.

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