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Community Association Manager

Operate and maintain a property's communal areas.

What does a Community Association Manager do?

Homeownership is a lot of work. But when a group of people own individual units with shared land, who is responsible for the common areas? In this case, you are. Community Association Managers work at co-ops, planned neighborhoods, or condominium compounds, caring for the areas of the property that everyone uses.

If you’re a Community Association Manager, you might be in charge of the pool or tennis courts, for example, or maybe even a golf course. Other common areas in need of Community Association Managers include basketball courts, workout facilities, parking lots, gyms, and playgrounds. You spend a good deal of your time providing maintenance and landscaping work. If you can’t fix it yourself, you bring in a professional.

Another aspect of your job concerns handling the finances. You are the central contact for every owner in the complex, so you gather association dues and pay community bills, such as those associated with pool cleaning, landscaping services, or garbage disposal. Everyone wants to know where the money goes, so you also create reports outlining expenses and the balance in the association account.

If there are problems, you get to deal with those too. Conflicts between neighbors, messes in common areas, or residents who don’t follow the association’s rules are reported to you. Additionally, you help set rental fees, deal with taxes, and find solutions to problems as they arise.