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Community Advocate



Create public awareness for a good cause.

What does a Community Advocate do?

Advocates passionately argue their point against the heat of governmental oppression and in the face of apathy. Community Advocates use that same passion to inform citizens about environmental, animal, and human conditions in an effort to motivate them into action.

As a Community Advocate, you typically lobby for special interest groups. That means you’re the liaison between organizations and the public. Such groups might include environmentalists working to save a specific species of tree, Animal Rights Activists who abhor euthanasia, or human interest groups fighting to change labor laws.

Few jobs allow you to show your team spirit like that of Community Advocate. After all, it’s rewarding to fight for what you feel is right. And that fight can take on a lot of different faces.

For example, you might meet with a Newspaper Reporter to share facts about water pollution in the city’s river. Or, you might put together a rally that brings attention to the special needs of a native plant species.

Your goal is to inform the public about your cause. That might be done one citizen at a time, through phone calls and mailings, or en masse at community gatherings. This job allows you to flex your creativity muscles as you find ways to raise money, get people involved, motivate action, and build awareness.

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