Communications Strategist

Think up new ways to improve how companies relate to customers.

What does a Communications Strategist do?

Communication is key to the success of any relationship, and business relationships are no exception. Companies need to communicate with their shareholders, banks, investors, and especially their customers. And not just communicate, but leave an impression-a positive impression.

Communications Strategists specialize in communication in every form. After all, communicating is more than just talking. The best communication involves listening and also delivering a message. If a company is not effectively delivering its message, it costs them customers, market share, and advertising dollars.

Your first task as a Communications Strategist is to evaluate the company’s current communication practices. What information is going out? How effective is their current plan? Is the Media Relations Manager effectively using the ear of the press?

You’re probably thinking that the position of Communications Strategist sounds a lot like a marketing or advertising position. Well, in part it is. But it’s more than that.

This job requires you to read between the lines. What is the message being sent? Is it clear? Who’s receiving that information?

The advertising content represents the image of the company. The wrong tone will turn customers away. So you evaluate the company’s online help desk, review blogs related to the business, and observe social and business networking activity, such as that on facebook or LinkedIn.

In addition, you analyze the content of newsletters, print ads, emails, and television commercials. What you find determines what changes you propose for the future.