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Communications Operator



Convey information from customers and documents to work crews.

What does a Communications Operator do?

A Communications Operator works a bit like a Translator. Communications Operators take calls from customers and transmit the information they gather to work crews that can resolve the problem. While they won’t do any of the repairs themselves, their work is key to solving the client’s problem.

When a call comes in, you – the Communications Operator – ask the caller for details about the problem, including how long it has been occurring and where the person is located. You determine what sort of work needs to be done, and assign a work crew to make the repairs. Then you notify the caller when the workers are scheduled to arrive.

Some callers may become angry that help isn’t coming immediately, and you must reassure them that the crew is truly coming as soon as possible. A soothing tone of voice may be a valuable work asset. In addition to repair issues, you may also answer general questions about the services the client is paying for.

In some cases, callers need to speak with a Supervisor or with a work crew in the field. You transfer those calls to the appropriate party once you’ve determined that you can’t resolve the issue yourself. You may also take messages for callers who refuse to be transferred to voicemail.

You may spend much of your workday dealing with people who are upset about the loss of services. So you work to remain empathetic without breaking the rules to assist clients you connect with on a personal level.

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