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Commission Painter

Create beautiful paintings on a contract basis.

What does a Commission Painter do?

Commission Painters design and produce paintings for contract. Generally their clients are individuals or companies, and they hire Commission Painters because they like their collection of past works and want them to make a certain image or style. So, if you’re a Commission Painter, you sit down with the client, figure out what they are looking for and paint it for them.

One of the benefits of this work is that you have a guaranteed paycheck before you ever start. You will also be working with a client who is a big fan of yours, and it is always nice to be admired. On the flip side, however, you do not have as much freedom to innovate and experiment in your work because a client generally hires you for a specific theme or idea. Even if they do give you free reign, you must be considerate of their taste or else you won’t get paid.

Most Artists do not usually work exclusively as a Commission Painters, however. Instead you generally mix painting on commission, as a Gallery Painter, and for yourself.