Commercial Real Estate Agent

Match business or industrial properties to the perfect buyer.

What does a Commercial Real Estate Agent do?

A Commercial Real Estate Agent handles the sale, lease, and purchase of land or buildings that are intended for commercial use. This could include anything from a small retail store to a sprawling industrial complex.

Commercial Real Estate Agents generally work for agencies that specialize in these transactions. As a Commercial Real Estate Agent, you may have a particular area of expertise (such as shopping malls, acreage for large buildings, or office space for small businesses), or you may deal with a variety of clients and needs. Your job, essentially, is to find suitable properties for your client, assist in weighing the pros and cons of each, and negotiate a sale or lease price with the current owner. In some cases, zoning restrictions present a problem, and you may be involved in taking the case to local authorities on behalf of your client.

Unlike residential real estate, your work with commercial clients involves less emotion and more data analysis. Your client’s goal is to make money, not just find a cozy spot to call his own. For that reason, you need to have a solid background in real estate laws and finance, and be prepared to show a lot of properties. You’ll need extremely detailed knowledge of each building and neighborhood, from the water quality to the zoning laws, in order to serve your client.

Commercial real estate is harder than residential to break into, but the financial payoff can be enormous.