Commercial Litigation Legal Secretary

Provide clerical support to Lawyers in the commercial litigation area.

What does a Commercial Litigation Legal Secretary do?

The “commercial litigation” section of law regulates how large businesses and corporations can bring legal action against each other. A Commercial Litigation Legal Secretary must have knowledge and experience in this field of law, and help the Lawyer dealing with these issues stay on top of its massive work load by scheduling hearings and meetings, filling out paperwork, and keeping on top of the latest in State and Federal laws and regulations.

A lot of the duties of the Commercial Litigation Legal Secretary are similar to those of other Secretaries : they answer the phones and set up appointments with new clients, keep the paperwork under control, and remind the Lawyers and other employees of upcoming meetings and other responsibilities. What sets you apart from your non-legal counterparts, if you’re a Commercial Litigation Legal Secretary, is your knowledge of law, and your ability to assist those who need advice on who to contact or talk to for legal guidance. This requires a more specialized skill set as you must be able to parse through legal documents, and field questions about deposition commitments from clients who call in.

Think of yourself as the glue holding a law office together behind the scenes. When a Lawyer walks into a meeting looking composed and prepared, their clients give them kudos for their stellar organization. But the Lawyer knows that you’re the real reason papers are always in the right place, and that they ever miss their 3 o’clock appointment.