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Commercial Lawyer

Be an expert on the laws that govern business.

What does a Commercial Lawyer do?

Businesses encounter potential legal issues every day. Employees, supply contracts, and lease agreements all affect the bottom line. Fortunately, Commercial Lawyers are trained in all these areas and more.

A Commercial Lawyer’s job is similar to any other Lawyer ‘s, the only difference being their area of expertise. If you’re a Commercial Lawyer, you work with businesses to ensure they are protected in contracts, and advise them about policies.

A major part of your job involves counseling businesses about their day-to-day operations. This includes everything from helping to formulate employment contracts to negotiating the terms of a merger.

You understand the laws and federal regulations that guide these types of situations. On employment applications, for example, you know that the business can’t ask about age or religion. To do so would put them in legal hot water.

Although putting preventative measures in place is a large part of your responsibilities, things still go awry sometimes. And when they do, you represent the business. If a supplier accuses your client of not abiding by the payment terms in their contract, you evaluate the details, correspond with the parties involved, and try to negotiate a solution. If an agreement can’t be reached, you file the paperwork and represent the business in front of a Judge.

In addition to these tasks, you monitor all aspects of acquisitions, property interests, union negotiations, patents, and fraud. This job requires a dedication to accuracy and a passion for the details of the law. You need to be confident in your skills and earn the respect of your clients.