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Commercial Kitchen Designer



Plan out efficient and useful restaurant kitchens.

What does a Commercial Kitchen Designer do?

Restaurants are hustling, bustling places where quickness and efficiency are of utmost importance. To aid chefs in the rush to get quality meals out into the dining room on time, those aspects are built right into the kitchens themselves. And a commercial kitchen designer is the one to do it.

Even the grandest of kitchens start their lives as drafts on a piece of paper. As an accomplished draftsman, a commercial kitchen designer is able to plot out the needs of a kitchen staff and create a design that’s pleasant in form and economical in function. If you’ve ever been in a house with a poorly planned kitchen, you might have noticed it almost the moment you started to cook. An ill-placed drawer or a fridge that’s too far from a counter could easily mean a dropped knife or a shattered bowl.

As a commercial kitchen designer, you must always keep ease of reach as a basic principle in the back of your mind, but there are bigger fish to fry. The many health department laws and regulations are always on your mind, and your design makes sure the construction of the site and the equipment you place in it are all safe and up to code. Since hungry customers are going to be ordering from your kitchens, you have to follow higher standards than if you were designing for a home.

If the construction workers you hire follow through, the appliances fit into each workstation, and you keep your eye on funds to stay on budget, then you just might have a successful kitchen on your hands. The gleaming environment of stovetops and pots and pans that you create is more than a place to prepare food; if it’s planned right, it can transform a sloppy operation into a well-oiled machine.

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