Commercial Diver

Work in a wetsuit to make repairs, do research, or explore the seabed.

What does a Commercial Diver do?

Commercial Divers are underwater workers. This can be a dream for anyone who fantasize about swimming full-time in a kingdom of fish, squid, and seaweed.

If you’re a Commercial Diver, what you do underwater depends on whom you work for. Most often, for instance, you’re an underwater Construction Worker who’s employed by construction and engineering firms, oil and gas companies, state and federal governments, and shipping companies, all of which pay you to inspect, install, repair, and remove underwater equipment, and structures-including docks, pipes, bridge foundations, and oil rigs.

On the other hand, you might be a Scientist, paid to observe, photograph, collect, and cultivate marine species, or a Geologist, paid to find and explore underwater sources of oil and natural gas. You might even work with the police, recovering and preserving sunken evidence.

The possibilities are wide-ranging. What they all have in common, however, is the equipment-scuba gear-and the mission: making like a whacked mobster and swimming with the fishes (minus the cement shoes, of course).