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Commercial Credit Analyst



Decide whether to grant a company a loan by examining its credit history.

What does a Commercial Credit Analyst do?

Running a successful business sometimes means taking risks. Companies must do research to develop new products, for example, or remodel all of their stores to make them hip and trendy. These sorts of tasks are expensive, and companies often must take out loans before they can begin. A Commercial Credit Analyst makes sure a company can truly pay back those loans.

Commercial Credit Analysts generally work for large banks or credit unions. After company Representatives fill out loan applications, you – the Commercial Credit Analyst – dig into the company’s financial history. You examine its records to see how much it owes and how much it’s worth, you interview its creditors to determine how often it pays its debts on time, and you study its credit rating.

You may also study how often business changes, such as research efforts or a factory remodeling, have resulted in profits. You keep your research quiet, although you may be tempted to gossip.

When you’re finished with your investigation, you tell your loan department about everything you found, and state whether or not you think the company should get the loan. In most cases, you won’t be required to tell the company Representatives about your decision face to face. No tearful meetings will happen, and this will make you immensely happy.

The decisions you make can have a huge impact on the companies applying for loans. For example, some companies need loans to stay in business. You’ll have to balance the empathy you feel for the company executives and the loyalty you feel to your own company.

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