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Commander Civil Division Deputy Sheriff

Supervise the personnel engaged in executing mandates of civil court.

What does a Commander Civil Division Deputy Sheriff do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in executing mandates of civil court: Reviews contents of orders, such as summonses, garnishments, property seizures, and arrest orders, for adherence to state laws and county ordinances. Assigns cases to DEPUTY SHERIFF, CIVIL DIVISION for execution of court orders. Discusses cases with subordinates and recommends course of action. Prepares legal notices of sheriff’s sales by arranging for posting in public places and mailing copy to newspapers. Oversees or conducts sale of real and personal property legally confiscated by county. Reviews reports to determine progress and disposition of cases. Oversees collection, recording, and depositing of legal fees gathered by subordinates. Examines civil division accounts and financial records for completeness and accuracy. Submits data for audits by state and county officials. Writes reports on civil division activities and submits to superiors. Disciplines staff for violation of regulations and resolves personnel problems. Performs duties such as serving civil court orders, seizing property, and making arrests.