Comic Book Writer

Pen fantastic comic book stories.

What does a Comic Book Writer do?

Comic Book Writers, or Comic Book Authors, write stories for comic books. Sure, superheroes typically get their identities and abilities from nature, supernatural events, or freak accidents. But in the real world, they get them from Comic Book Writers.

In other words, Comic Book Writers gave Superman his super strength, and Spiderman his spider sense. And they’re the reason the Green Lantern isn’t the Blue Lantern, and Wonder Woman isn’t Wonder Man.

Because comic book stories are told in pictures with speech bubbles, your job as a Comic Book Writer means writing dialogue that simultaneously conveys action, emotion, and conflict. In that way, you’re kind of like a Playwright, as you write stories that will be spoken by characters and seen by an audience. Instead of Actors on a three-dimensional stage, however, your stories are performed by fictional creations on a two-dimensional page.

Like other Fiction Writers, you create characters (including heroes and villains, if you write for the superhero genre), imagine settings (including cities, towns, and even entire universes), and develop plots (which might include everything from origin stories to love stories to stories about intergalactic warfare). The difference is: Your tales aren’t just written, then read, like a novel; they’re illustrated, then experienced, like a movie. The result: Instead of mere readers and stories, you develop full-blown fans and followings.

Creating a new villain to fight the X-Men? Dreaming up a new Batcave for Batman? Sculpting an alternative earth where people fly to work instead of drive?

For most people, it’s fantasy. For you, however, it’s just another day at the office!