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Comic Book Artist



Illustrate high-impact pictures for comic books.

What does a Comic Book Artist do?

A Comic Book Artist, or Comic Book Illustrator, is a member of a team — composed of Editors, Writers, and Artists — that creates comic books. It’s a job that gives joy to a lot of people: While it’s true that adults are expected to read text-heavy tomes like novels and biographies, even the most erudite reader has an inner child, and children of all ages — from five to 105 — love comic books.

Maybe it’s the team that chronicles the lives of Archie and Jughead. Maybe it’s the team that pits Batman against the Joker. Or maybe it’s a team that’s creating brand new heroes and villains for an entirely new generation of readers. In any case, it’s your job as a Comic Book Artist to create the drawings that populate comic books’ pages.

What you do, exactly, depends on what type of Comic Book Artist you are. If you’re a Comic Book Penciller, for instance, you take the “script” — the words and dialogue written by the Comic Book Writer — and turn it into pencil illustrations. If you’re a Comic Book Inker, on the other hand, you trace the Penciller’s drawings in ink, turning them into finished images that can be printed and mass-produced. Finally, if you’re a Comic Book Colorist, you apply color to those images using a two-step process: flatting, which involves blocking out what colors go where; and coloring, which requires filling in black and white images with the appropriate shades and hues.

No matter what type of Comic Book Artist you are, you’re basically the person who decides what the story’s characters and events look like, making you a visual deity within the comic book universe!

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