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Entertain people through comic acts.

What does a Comedian do?

Anyone considering a career as a comedian obviously must have a sense of humor. Another equally important thing to possess is a thick skin. That’s because comedy is a tough gig with a lot of competition. But if you really love making people laugh, have the talent for it, and are ready to take on the competition, there are plenty of venues to stretch your giggle-producing muscles.

Comedians mostly work evenings and weekends because that’s when people are looking for entertainment. When you’re just starting out as a comedian, this might be at the local bar during open mic night, or at the community college, sharing the stage with other comedic acts.

Like most artists, comedians often hold down a day job and practice their craft in their spare time. If you succeed in the business, you might find yourself traveling full-time or filling your schedule with Las Vegas casino shows. Once you get noticed, you might work on a cruise ship, nail a performance at the Laugh Factory, find yourself on Saturday Night Live, or tape a program for the Comedy Channel.

When you’re not on stage, you’re obsessed with practicing your craft. Whether it revolves around one-liners, racy subjects, the use of props, or audience participation, you take pride in your work. And although you’re willing to laugh at yourself, you take your job seriously, so you perfect your act and consistently work in new material and improvements. With hard work, self-discipline, and an unwavering determination, you can gather a paycheck and revel in the reward of making people laugh at the same time.

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