Combat Rifle Crewmember

Oppose members of enemy ground force in effort to destroy enemy forces.

What does a Combat Rifle Crewmember do?

Opposes members of enemy ground force in effort to destroy or capture enemy forces, using rifle, during combat or training operations, and serving as member of infantry unit: Constructs field fortifications, including wire entanglements and road blocks, using handtools, barbed wire, and lumber. Camouflages combat equipment and weapons, using items such as paint, nets, leaves, and brush. Places and activates antitank or antipersonnel mines in mine field. Decontaminates weapons and equipment when exposed to chemical or nuclear contamination, using specified procedures. Observes compass, aerial photographs, and maps to determine field position for troop movements. Examines equipment and weapons to detect malfunctions. Repairs weapons and equipment, using items such as handtools, oil, and rags. Fires machine guns, grenade launchers, and rifles to inflict casualties on enemy force.