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Write opinionated columns for a newspaper on a specific topic.

What does a Columnist do?

Columnists are renegade Writers. You job isn’t about objectivity reporting facts, it’s about your subjective opinion. While other Journalists and Reporters must commit themselves to fair and balanced coverage that’s full of facts and free of opinions, Columnists are allowed to break that rule. In fact, they’re encouraged to do so.

As a Columnist, you’re employed by newspapers, websites, blogs, and magazines, and you’re paid to offer opinions, perspectives, and positions, which you give in written form via short essays and articles that are published on a regular basis – usually weekly or monthly – on the same page in the same publication, allowing you to develop a regular audience and a reliable fan base.

The content of your columns depends on what type of Columnist you are. If you’re a News Columnist, for instance, you offer analysis of news stories and current events. If you’re a Political Columnist, on the other hand, you offer commentary about political issues and figures. If you’re an Advice Columnist, meanwhile, you offer opinions about personal or professional situations in response to readers’ letters.

If you’re a Humorist, you write satire, jokes, and comedy. And if you’re a Gossip Columnist, Food Columnist, or Fashion Columnist, you write about celebrities, cooking, and clothing, respectively. Regardless of your content, it’s not really what you say that matters, it’s how you say it: powerfully, persuasively, and poignantly.

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