Colorectal Surgeon

Perform surgeries on the colon, rectum or intestine.

What does a Colorectal Surgeon do?

Colorectal Surgeons are Doctors who specialize in treating conditions within the large intestine, colon, rectum, and anus. Colorectal Surgeons (kind of sounds like a colorful Scientist, doesn’t it?) are sometimes referred to as Proctologists. But, what’s in a name? When you get down to it, the jobs are the same.

As a Colorectal Surgeon, you perform surgeries. Whether minor or extensive, you rarely go in unprepared. Unless it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention, you take the time to carefully analyze each case. That usually starts by meeting the patient.

That’s right, your patients are more than white paper robes with a colon attached. You’re a Doctor, after all, so you work to take a holistic view of the patient. You perform tests, ask questions, and explain treatment options.

When surgery is the best solution, you scrub in and hit the operating room. With your mood music (whether it be Bach or Lady Gaga) wafting in the air, you cut into the patient to relieve irritable bowel symptoms, repair tears, remove intestinal blockages, and treat hemorrhoids. You might even remove diseased organs, such as when a patient suffers from cancer.

Outside of the operating room, you help the patient deal with pain, cramping, diarrhea, and constipation. That requires patience, strong listening skills, and effective communication.