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Color Maker



Operate machines to mix or grind daubs and printing ink colors.

What does a Color Maker do?

Operates machines to mix or grind daub, printing ink color, and color pigments, for artificial leather: Calculates batch size according to roll yardage to be coated. Weighs and measures, according to formula, components, such as ball mill mix, color pigments, and oils to attain colors and specified consistency. Moves components to agitator or ball mill mixers and roll grinders for processing, using handtruck. Dumps ingredients into and starts machines that grind and mix them. Collects color sample and compares it with color standard. Adds ingredients, such as white, clear, or colored pigments, or thinner to correct color discrepancies. Prepares new color batches when drum content in inventory storage is low. Lifts and moves drums, using portable air-operated hydraulic hoist. May be designated according to operation performed as Ball-Mill Mixer; Daub-Color Matcher; Daub-Color Mixer; Grinding Operator; Print-Color Matcher; Print-Color Mixer.

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