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Color Forecaster



Predict future color trends for fashion or design.

What does a Color Forecaster do?

Color Forecasters research and predict what colors will come into style. A Color Forecaster offers a specialized expertise that considers industry predictions and buying trends to understand the color combinations they should roll out their new products.

As extremely specific as this sounds, finding colors that appeal to consumers is important in a countless number of industries. Right away the fields of Fashion or Advertising might come to mind, but think outside the box-anytime a model home is built, for example, the color of the interiors and exteriors needs to be reconciled with consumer taste, so a Color Forecaster is brought in.

Although this work is important, it is also only a small part of the design process. So generally you do not work specifically as a Color Forecaster, but rather practice this as your specialty in a profession such as a Fashion Buyer, Interior Designer, or Apparel Product Developer.