Colon Hydrotherapist

Introduce water into the lower bowel to help people feel better.

What does a Colon Hydrotherapist do?

The colon is a bit like a pipe. It’s designed to carry all sorts of nasty things far, far away, but sometimes, it collects sludgy debris along its length.

When a pipe is blocked with sludge, a Plumber can shoot a strong jet of water through the system to blast the area clean. Similarly, when a colon contains debris (or the colon’s owner becomes convinced that sludge is in place), a Colon Hydrotherapist can help wash it out. The job of Colon Hydrotherapists may not be glamorous, but the services they provide are quite helpful.

Your main task as a Colon Hydrotherapist is to put your patients at ease. While these people may understand the theories behind the work you do, they may be concerned about the details. To address these concerns, you offer an hour-long orientation a week or so before the procedure. Here, you explain what you’ll do and you show off the fancy equipment you’ll use.

When treatment day arrives, you lead the patient to a private room and make sure he is comfortable and has no more questions. Then, you explain again how the treatment will work, and you give the person a tube to insert into the rectum. When the patient is changed and ready to go, you start the flow of water.

Some people prefer to endure this treatment in private. Others find your presence reassuring. If you’re asked to stay in the room, you may provide gentle abdominal massage or you may demonstrate breathing techniques that can make the discomfort easier to bear.