College or University Registrar

Direct and coordinate college or university registration activities.

What does a College or University Registrar do?

Directs and coordinates college or university registration activities: Consults with other officials to devise registration schedules and procedures. Analyzes statistical data on registration for administrative use in formulating policies. Exchanges student information with other colleges or universities. Directs preparation of student transcripts. Prepares commencement list. Directs preparation of statistical reports on educational activities for government and educational agencies and interprets registration policies to faculty and students. Directs activities of workers engaged in transcribing and evaluating academic records of students applying for permission to enter college or university. Directs compilation of information, such as class schedules and graduation requirements, for publication in school bulletins and catalogs. Coordinates dissemination of information on courses offered and procedures students are required to follow in order to obtain grade transcripts. Issues official transcripts. Coordinates class schedules with room assignments for optimum use of buildings and equipment. May assign rooms for student activities.