College or University Business Manager

Administer business affairs of colleges or universities.

What does a College or University Business Manager do?

Administers business affairs of college or university: Prepares operating budget draft for submission through PRESIDENT, COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY to board of trustees. Directs control of budget upon its approval by board, including collection, custody, investment, disbursement, accounting, and auditing of all college funds. Recruits, supervises, and oversees training of clerical staff. Formulates, with DIRECTOR OF STUDENT AFFAIRS, policies and procedures governing financial relations with students, dormitories, cafeterias, bookstores, and recreational and parking facilities. Audits financial status of student organization accounts, campus food service, housing, and bookstores. Administers financial aspects of student loans, scholarships, and student credit. Negotiates with groups, such as foundations, for university loans. Keeps financial records and prepares annual financial report. Formulates and administers policies and procedures for development and management of physical plant, including custodial care, sanitation, and fire and police protection. Negotiates with industry representatives on costs and materials for building construction. Develops policies and procedures for procurement of goods and nonpersonal services for university. Coordinates service operations, such as printing, duplicating, mail and messenger service, bindery, and machine computing and tabulating.