College Coach

Mold promising high school athletes into a well-oiled collegiate team.

What does a College Coach do?

College coaches teach the rules and techniques of a specific sport. But they also wear the badges of teacher, mentor, counselor, friend, boss, manager, and activities director. Although a passion for the game is a good start for a career as a college coach, effectively motivating and guiding a group of college athletes takes patience, outstanding communication skills, and the ability to bring out the best in players.

Does that sound like you? Do you want to teach baseball, become a gymnastics coach, or lead the football team to a bowl game? Whether you plan to remain at the college level or move into the professionals, coaching any sport means knowing the rules of the game. But if you’re a college coach, your players aren’t new to the game, so it’s not like middle school physical education.

When you’re a college coach, your players are competitive and so are you because winning games means money for the school and advancement opportunities for yourself and your players. That’s why a huge chunk of your time is spent improving your players’ skills and teamwork.

You and your assistant coaches watch videos of competitors so you can study their strengths and weaknesses. Then you use that information to strategize a game plan. You also video your own players so they can see themselves play and target areas for improvement. When you’re not studying opponents, taking notes, or running lines, you order equipment, make travel arrangements, and hunt down funds for the program.

What are you waiting for? Grab that helmet or set of pom-poms and get to work as a college coach!