College Athletic Recruiter

Convince future NCAA All-Stars that your school is the one for them.

What does a College Athletic Recruiter do?

Many people can be taught to play a game. People who are born with innate talent, however, can play games at a level most people find impossible. College Head Coaches find these students simply irresistible, and they hire College Athletic Recruiters to search for those Athletes, and woo them to join the teams and lead them to victory.

College Athletic Recruiters find talented players by attending an astounding number of high school games. If you’re a College Athletic Recruiter, some games are played near your home, but you also often travel to other states to watch players at work. Reading newspapers from all around the country helps you learn of young players to watch.

Making strong connections with high school Coaches can make your job easier. These Coaches call you when they have promising students, and some provide you with scores and statistics to back up their claims.

Talented high school players are often surrounded by a group of suitors, each touting a particular school and waving an enticing offer aloft. You stand in line with the others and think of ways to make your school seem irresistible. You can tout your school’s training facility, proximity to nightclubs, or teaching staff. Sometimes, you work with your Athletic Director to develop a package of scholarships the student just can’t refuse.

Little-known students may come a bit cheaper, and finding a talent in the rough can make a College Athletic Recruiter seem especially talented. Sometimes, you tape these underdogs as they play, and you show the tapes to your Head Coach to prove how much potential the student has. Then, you pull together a package of benefits and offer it to the student.