Request and receive money that's owed to a company or organization.

What does a Collector do?

Collectors request and (hopefully) receive money owed to a company or organization. When people borrow money — either through a loan from a financial institution or through a credit card — and don’t pay it back, a Collector is brought into the situation.

If you’re a Collector, you make telephone calls and mail reminders to the debtor (the person who owes the money) about the delinquent account, using computers and automated systems. A thick skin is helpful in this position, as most people aren’t going to be happy about your calls and reminders.

You also need to be able to handle tough situations (like telling someone they owe you money) with a smile on your face. Obviously, someone in this position is going to need a stern voice on the telephone as well. And to keep track of the communication efforts between you and the debtors, you need keen attention to detail, too.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required — since you’re attempting to get your message across to the other person — along with basic mathematics skills, as you’re expected to complete basic functions regarding payments.

Finally, you have to be self-confident and willing to work as part of a team. You’ll be dealing with a lot of negative feedback from customers, which is easily tackled by working with your team of Agents. At the end of the day, you’ll sleep well knowing that you’ve helped people get back on track with their finances.