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Cold Mill Operator

Set up and operate rolling mills to flatten and temper steel strips.

What does a Cold Mill Operator do?

Sets up and operates rolling mill to flatten, temper, and reduce gauge of steel strip, following rolling orders and using measuring instruments: Reads rolling order to determine setup and work sequence. Calculates draft and roll speed for each mill stand to roll strip to specified dimensions and temper. Turns controls to adjust roll speed, draft, and tension of strip between reels of coiling mechanism. Installs guides, guards, and cooling equipment in stands, using handtools. Starts mill to roll test strip and adjusts roll screws, hydraulic sprays, and mill speeds. Moves controls to start production rolling of steel strip. Examines steel for surface defects, such as cracks and scratches. Verifies dimensions of steel for conformance to specifications, using micrometers, thickness gauges, and measuring tape. Directs other workers in changing rolls, operating mill equipment, removing coils, and banding and loading strip steel. May be designated according to type of mill operated as Reversing-Mill Roller; Tandem-Mill Roller. May operate mill to temper steel strip and be designated Temper-Mill Roller.