Coin Collector

Drive trucks over established routes to collect money.

What does a Coin Collector do?

Drives truck over established route to collect money from and refill coin-operated amusement-game machines, jukeboxes, and vending machines that dispense merchandise, such as cigarettes, coffee, food, beverages, and candy: Loads truck with supplies according to written or verbal instructions. Drives truck to establishment, collects coins, refills machine, cleans inside of machines that dispense food or beverages, and records amount of money collected. Turns in money to cashiering department at completion of route and unloads truck. Reports malfunctioning machines to maintenance department for repair. May perform minor repairs or adjustments on machines, using handtools, to correct malfunctions. May promote installation of new or additional coin-operated machines at locations of customers or potential customers. May be designated according to type of machine serviced as Amusement-Game Machine Coin Collector; Jukebox Coin Collector; Vending-Machine Coin Collector.