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Tend coilers that wind metal strips, sheets, or wire into coils.

What does a Coiler do?

Tends coiler that winds metal strips, sheets, or wire into coils as they emerge from rolling mills, slitters, or other machines: Adjusts coiler guides and rollers according to size of workpiece, using handtools. Starts machine which automatically winds metal onto reels and observes operation to prevent jams, uneven winding, or wrinkles. Regulates tension of coiler to prevent tearing or stretching of metal. Inspects surface of metal for stains, dirt, scratches, and other defects. Binds finished coils to prevent uncoiling. May move controls to activate hydraulic pusher arm and tilt table to transfer coil onto skid or conveyor. May be designated by employer according to experience with particular type of machine, or product coiled.

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