Coffee Buyer

Buy coffee beans from farms around the world.

What does a Coffee Buyer do?

Coffee Buyers travel the world buying coffee beans. Like Wine Buyers —but with java instead of vino—you’re hired by coffee distributors, coffee shops, grocery stores, and food companies to find the best farms that grow the best beans that make the best cups of coffee.

While few people have to go farther than their kitchen or their coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee in the morning (thanks to the likes of Breville and Starbucks), as a Coffee Buyer, you go a lot farther than a few feet or a couple blocks. To get the perfect cup of Joe, you go miles. Thousands of them, sometimes.

You spend months at a time on the road, visiting farms and Farmers in places as varied as Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Ethiopia. While you’re there, you evaluate climate and soil quality, scrutinize farming practices, and broker deals with Farmers whose beans you want to import.

Being a Coffee Buyer requires more than just buying, however. When you’re not traveling to and within origin countries for the purpose of acquiring coffee beans, you’re at home playing the parts of Coffee Taster and Coffee Roaster —not to mention “Coffee Product Manager”—as you’re often called upon to taste, grade, and price imported coffee; to help with the process of developing roasting profiles; and to assist with creating, naming, packaging, and marketing coffee blends.

Think of it this way: You’re essentially a Matchmaker between those who grow coffee, those who sell it, and those who drink it!