Cocoa Room Operator

Tend automatic equipment and machineries that pulverize cocoa cakes.

What does a Cocoa Room Operator do?

Tends automatic equipment and machinery that pulverizes cocoa cakes into powder of specified fineness and weighs and bags cocoa powders: Starts conveyors to move cocoa cakes through rollers of crusher into hammer mill for grinding into powder, through cooling chamber, and into air classification system which separates powder, according to density. Feels cocoa to ascertain fineness and collects sample for laboratory analysis. Fastens bag to holding tank outlet and pushes button to discharge specified amount of cocoa into bag through automatic weighing device. Verifies weight of filled bags, using scale. Closes bag and stacks bag on skids. May move cocoa cakes from storage area preparatory to dumping into hopper of crusher, using pallets and handtruck.