Cocoa Bean Roaster Helper

Assist Cocoa-Bean Roaster I and Cocoa-Bean Roaster II.

What does a Cocoa Bean Roaster Helper do?

Assists COCOA-BEAN ROASTER I and COCOA-BEAN ROASTER II to process cocoa beans preparatory to making cocoa, chocolate, or other cocoa products: Receives signal to charge and discharge cocoa beans from roasting ovens. Observes thermometers and clock and notifies supervisor of deviations from specific temperature or roasting cycle. Starts conveyors to move cocoa bean shells from cracker and fanner to shell cleaning machines or to transfer cleaned nibs to treating drums. Examines shells for presence of nibs and dumps shells into cracker and fanner machine to recover nibs. May tend cleaning machine [COCOA-BEAN CLEANER]. May mix potassium solution used in processing cocoa beans to make dutch process chocolate. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.