Coating Machine Operator

Control machines to plate steel sheets with protective coating of metal.

What does a Coating Machine Operator do?

Sets up and controls automatic hot-dip lines to plate steel sheets with protective coating of metal, such as tin or terne: Reads production schedule to determine setup of lines. Turns screwdown mechanism to set distance between coating brushes and rolls, using handtools. Measures and sets stops and guides on automatic feeder and conveying equipment according to dimensions of product to be coated, using rule and wrenches. Turns controls to set temperatures of coating metal and palm-oil pots. Starts conveyor line and moves controls to synchronize speed of line with speed of coating machine that conveys sheets into molten tin covered with palm oil to cause even distribution of tin. Inspects coated product for defects and changes setup to coat sheets to specifications. May be designated according to type of coating as Tinner, Automatic.